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6 Jun 2005
> Following a meeting this evening I can advise you of the
> current situation about the above tour.
> website (www.SouthernElectric.org.uk).
> All cheques that were received by Tuesday have now been banked.
> The tickets with an accompanying letter (and a SEG membership
> form) will be sent second class tomorrow (Friday 9 September).
> PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MORE BOOKINGS because we will not be
> able to guarantee that we will get tickets out to you in time
> for the tour.
> Being a 12 coach train they are PLENTY OF SEATS AVAILABLE for
> you to pay on the day. However, if a group of you wish to
> reserve a compartment (First or Standard Class) could you
> please send an email to railtours@southernelectric.org.uk. so
> that we can reserve it for you, obviously you will be
> required to pay for the compartment on the day.
> If we have banked your cheque and you have not received your
> tickets by Thursday 15th September, please email us on
> railtours@southernelectric.org.uk. with your name and address
> and we will cancel your tickets and issue replacements on the day.
> If we have not banked your cheque by Thursday 15th September
> then we will not have received your booking in which case
> please advise us either on the tour or by email and pay for
> your ticket on the day. Obviously if we subsequently receive
> you original cheque we will destroy it and will not attempt
> to bank it. [If you had wanted a complete compartment please
> advise us by email so that we can reserve it for you.]
> The booked formation of the tour is Cep-Vep-Cig with the Cep
> leading from Ramsgate/trailing from Waterloo Main/leading
> from Kensington Olympia/trailing from Weymouth. As previously
> advised some of the compartments and a couple of the open
> saloon areas will have reservation labels on them. So those
> that have booked either a compartment or a First Class seat
> you should find the seat(s)/compartment that has been
> reserved for you. However, the rest of the saloons are
> totally unreserved and are on a first come:first served
> basis; although we do ask that you let any small groups of
> passengers travel together.
> The good news is that the 20:00 from Ramsgate to London
> Bridge will now be formed of the tour stock, i.e. Cig
> (leading from Ramsgate)-Vep-Cep; arriving as booked at London
> Bridge 22:10. In addition for those that wish to travel on
> some of the Class 86 Farewells (or have other commitments
> during the day) we can now offer a £15 pay-on-the-day fare
> for the part of the tour from Clapham Junction (Platforms
> 3/4), depart 18:06, to Ramsgate and then back to London
> Bridge, arrive 22:10 (or of course any intermediate station
> to London Bridge).
> Please send any email about the tour to railtours@southernelectric.org.uk..
> Peter Staveley
> Chairman
> Southern Electric Group
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