End of the station's word!


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26 Jan 2012
Basically this game is where you pick any station, be it metro or train from anywhere in the world, or even from video games! (We'll see if this catches on, and maybe move onto bus/coach station) The catch is that it must start with the last letter of the previous station, so...
Penge West (ends with T)
Tufnell Park (starts with T, ends with K)
  • Don't put "station" at the end of the post. It's invalid as no station ends in "station" but if it does provide evidence.
  • If the suffix is that of the operator, you can choose to include it or not, e.g. Gare d'Avignon TGV is valid as well as Gare d'Avignon in this case. Please state where you do that.
  • And as such, Tamworth, Tamworth High-Level, and Tamworth Low-Level are all valid where the station does have both high and low level, again please state.
  • The station can be from video games/movies, I'm not entirely fussed.
  • Avoid the use of numerals at the end of your answer.
  • It is advisable that only the currently-known station name of any OPEN station should be used in postings on this quiz

So to start, King's Lynn.
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