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Engeering works at Liverpool St, Central line via Newbury Park: ticketing options

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2 Jun 2009
North London
On Sat 5 May, there are engineering works out of London Liverpool Street. Instead, you take the Central line to Newbury Park, then a bus to Shenfield, then onward rail connections to Southend / East Anglia.

I may well be taking the London Overground from Walthamstow Queens Rd to Leytonstone High Road / Leytonstone OSI, then Central line to Newbury Park - £1.40 with an Oyster Card. Looking at the National Rail web site, there doesn't appear any through fares from Newbury Park tube to Greater Anglia destinations.

So what are you ticketing options for travel beyond Newbury Park to (say) Southend Airport ?

  • Will Newbury Park sell onward tickets from there to various Greater Anglia stations ?
  • If not, do you get on the replacement bus at Newbury Park ticketless and sort out tickets when you get to Shenfield ?
  • Do you buy a ticket online from (say) Liverpool Street to Southend Airport and collect the tickets at Newbury Park or Shenfield ?

This all seems such a faff, that I might just buy a through ticket from Walthamstow Queens Rd to Southend Airport travelling via Barking, Southend Central and Southend Victoria.
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8 Aug 2011
When a similar bustitution happened (Ingatestone to Newbury Park) and my friend with a Zone 1-4 season required a ticket to Newbury Park (which is in Zone 4), she was sold it with destination Ilford. Whether or not this is the correct policy I am unsure.
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