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Engineering easement via Salisbury this weekend

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16 Jul 2009
This weekend I'm travelling Pompey-Exeter route Westbury+Salisbury (Code 00837) and so by the easement below I should be able to travel via Reading. GWR in India(!) know nothing about it and no journey planner allows it. Any thoughts on how to find out if its valid?

700602: During engineering work between 06 February and 19 February 2016, which will see the closure of the line between Romsey and Warminster. Tickets on fare routes via SALISBURY (00837) and AP SALISBURY (00618) will be permitted for travel on alternative permitted routes via Reading. This positive fare route easement applies in both directions.
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Never mind as Twitter just confirmed it's valid...then customer services called me back after looking for 10 minutes and told me it wasn't valid and there was no easement (he'd just checked on the journey planner!)!! Got to love the consistency.
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