Euregioticket Maas-Rhein

Discussion in 'International Transport' started by OwlMan, 13 Feb 2019.

  1. OwlMan

    OwlMan Established Member

    25 Jun 2008
    Bedworth, Warwickshire
    Has anyone ever used a Euregioticket Maas-Rhein, and if so was it good value (€19 per day - valid for one person Monday - Friday, two people + children Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays)

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  3. Spoorslag '70

    Spoorslag '70 Member

    29 Oct 2017
    It's extremely good value! I have done multiple (4 or so) and always found something new.
    The most interesting line you can do on them is Aachen-Liege (route 37) with loads of vintage 60s EMUs on the stoppers. The line in Limburg are also quite scenic.

    Just consider that a off-peak day rover for Arriva Zuid-Limburg train&bus costs 13,45€...
  4. beermaddavep

    beermaddavep Member

    11 Dec 2005
    East Durham
    Excellent value. A couple of very minor things worth noting- I bought mine in DB land (Aachen)- the tickets issued don't open the barriers at gated stations in the Netherlands (Sittard) and there are no gateline staff- you have to speak to a remote assistant over a button worked intercom. This led to a little confusion and delayed us enough to miss one train.
    Also, one bus driver in Spa (Belgium) refused to accept them, insisting that they were 'only for trains', it may be worth carrying a local leaflet ready to show to any uncertain staff. No problems on the city buses in Liege or with any on board rail staff, all of whom were friendly and helpful, as were all of the locals we met.
    Overall, excellent tickets though, we had a few fantastic days out in the area and I thoroughly recommend them :)
  5. Groningen

    Groningen Established Member

    14 Jan 2015
    If you have a french speaking busdriver and you do not speak french you have a serious problem that the ticket is valid.
  6. Capybara

    Capybara Member

    10 Sep 2009
    I travelled with this ticket quite often a few years ago over pretty much the whole area of validity, though the price seems to have increased a bit - it was more like 15 Euros when I used it and this was only four or five years ago. I never used it on 'buses so can't comment, but the only problem I had was when I noticed that the validity had been extended to Roermond so decided to travel there. As we approached Roermond my ticket was checked and the guard informed me that it was not valid. I produced the leaflet with the line clearly shaded as valid, but she insisted that it was only valid for 'buses in the area. That's what her hand-held device told her. She asked me where I was travelling to - Roermond obviously as that was where the ticket was valid to. So she told me I would have to get off there which I was doing anyway. On return to the UK I contacted Netherlands railways who told me I was right, she was wrong, and gave me a apology, of sorts.

    Anyway, it's a very useful ticket if you make the most of it.
  7. SHD

    SHD Member

    18 Jul 2012
    This is really an idée fixe of yours!
  8. atraindriver

    atraindriver Member

    11 Sep 2014
    Everywhere and nowhere, baby
    I had no problems using EMR tickets in Liège or the surrounding region (where everyone except me spoke French).

    In fact the only times I've had anything approaching a problem with EMR tickets were using a TEC-issued card version on a train from Maastricht to Heerlen and using a SNCB issued coupon on a train from Aachen to Düren, and in both cases it was simply that neither gripper had seen the ticket issued in that format before.

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