European steam?

Discussion in 'Railtours & Preservation' started by NightStar, 1 Jun 2015.

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  1. NightStar

    NightStar Member

    1 Jul 2011
    Across the pond.
    Good evening, I am interested in why the German BR52 that recently left the UK with spare boiler was not restored for use on the Severn Valley Ry? A large Kreigslok would certainly be interesting. :lol:

    I love the BR52 whistle. I wonder what one of those whistles cost? :roll:

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  3. Monty

    Monty Established Member

    12 Jun 2012
    Loading gauge would be a good bet, those locos were huge. The only Kreigslok that I knew of in the UK was on the Nene Valley and had been out of ticket for a while and then sold back to Germany but that was quite some time ago I think.
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