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    13 Jun 2016
    Hello, as many of you may have recently read, I have started a new transit news site... The main aim is to offer news in a less formal way, and deliver it with opinion from enthusiasts like us. We're very new, and after a few railway trials last year, we have now settled on our method of railway and aviation posts exclusive to Europe (for now).

    We are a 'just for fun' page, right now with only myself at the helm... I have no plans to make any money from the site, instead it is nice to write about things that I love when I'm free... It would be great if you could check it out! We have some great content with opinion posts, such as the series 'How I'd change UK railway ticketing', as well as some great news posts, such as 'DB orders new Talgo trains'.

    We are looking for some new authors to join the team now, as I think it would be a good time, with the scope of what we can do. Right now, we make 1 post a day (excluding Sunday), however with the extra authors, then we'd be able to grow that number.

    If you are interested, you can drop me an email via the contact page on the site, or you can drop me a Tweet (@OfficialGMOORE)

    Thanks, and feel free to check the site out, so you can see the stuff we do!
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