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Euston is fit for a King Story

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Julian G

Established Member
9 Jun 2005
this is a summary of my trip yesterday :)
I boarded the 14:06 cl444 to London Waterloo from Clapham Junction
I got off at platform 14 at Waterloo and headed straight to the Misery line
I had to wait 1min for the train, so heh! <D
I boarded the 95TS to Euston (Charing X branch)
At Euston i saw
i got really annoyed as my camera had flashed on that 90 :x
(lucky nobody was around! <D )
Then i boarded the Victoria line to KXSP *(King's Cross St.Pancras)
i went to St.Pancras to see what had changed,,
the only change that seems to be is no platform 9
i wanted to take photos of the HST clagging, but the BTP and Staff were there,
but i decided not to take the photo of the HST and wasn't really bothered to ask them if i would be allowed......
So then i walked to KX and went to platform 1 and i walked to the north of the platform as a Pioneer arrived ECS
I didn't see any Eurostars and HSTs ( :cry: No hst :( )
so i decided to go back home
so i took the Victoria Line to Green Park and changed for the Jubilee line for Westminster
oh damn, i've missed the Wimbledon train <( :x :x :x :x
but i was quite lucky that i had to wait only 5 minutes!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
and then i got off at West Brompton and that's it............... :)

that was my day! :)
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RailUK Forums


9 Jun 2005
Lol... Viccy to KGX! By the time you'd got down to the platform, you could've walked it!


14 Jun 2005
Walthamstow, London
I (and heart-of-wessex) have no trouble from the police at St Pancras, as long as you tell them you are going up the ends of the platform for spotting purposes they are fine with it.

Euston to Kings Cross on this occasion a bus is quicker! Plenty of buses from Euston to KX which are of course at street level which is faster than having to go up and down escalators!
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