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Ever felt small mate?

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Saw a guy brought down to earth with a crash today. Chav type geezer of the sort that when his brain was installed it fell out of his ear.. He's lounging on the corner of a building at the end of a rather narrow street supping beer from a can. Too stupid to realise he is partially blocking peoples passage he slouches there like a sack of tatties.

Suddenly a young lady comees along and barges straight into him from behind. As he is having a gulp from the can at the time he half chokes and a lot of it goes down his clothes soaking him.

He hollers in broad Geordie " Fookin 'ell mon, warrer yer doin, look et me stuff! canna ye watch weer yer gannin? are ye blind or summat?'

Then he saw the young lassies white stick.
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6 Sep 2005
That is brillaint.

Sad, but brilliant.

Shows people ignorance....hope the 'bloke' then proceeded to go and hang himself.
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