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7 Jun 2005
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From the RMT media office

RMT to participate in rail-pensions commission

BRITAIN'S BIGGEST rail union today decided to take part in an industry-wide commission to try to find a long-term solution to the pensions crisis in the industry.
Meeting to discuss the 74 per cent majority vote for strike action by its members, the RMT executive agreed to participate in a three-member forum, to comprise one representative of the 100-plus employers involved, one representative of the unions and an independent chair.
"Our members have backed the call for strike action with a massive three-to one majority, reflecting the depth of feeling that exists throughout the industry," RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today.
"Throughout this campaign the employers refused to speak to us collectively because there was no industry-wide forum through which to do so.
"The commission should now give the various components of the industry an opportunity to discuss and try to resolve the very real problems that threaten to overwhelm the Railways Pension Scheme.
"Our four areas of concern - affordable contributions, maintaining benefit levels, keeping the scheme open and streamlining it in a sensible industry-wide structure - remain in place, and our strike mandate remains live.
"We now need to see the speedy appointment of tribunal members, without any dragging of feet.
"Since we launched our campaign we have managed to prevent any immediate pension benefit cuts, and have managed to ensure that the vast majority of members will, for the time being, be paying contributions of 10.56 per cent or less - the cap we have been seeking.
"However, short-term fixes will not solve the long-term problems, and we need a long-term industry-wide solution.
"The RMT executive will therefore discuss the rail pensions issue again on June 20 to ensure that progress has been made in a speedy start to the commisison's deliberations," Bob Crow said.
RMT to participate in rail-pensions commission
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20 Oct 2005
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The offer was would bring the wages to:

Grade 1: £16,240 becomes £16,808
Grade 2: £17,920 becomes £18,547
Grade 3: £20,160 becomes £20,866
Grade 4: £21,280 becomes £22,025
Grade 5: £23,520 becomes £24,343
Grade 6: £24,920 becomes £25,792
Grade 7: £26,880 becomes £27,821
Grade 8: £28,560 becomes £29,560
Grade 9: £29,680 becomes £30,719
Grade 10:£30,800 becomes £31,878

Not so very much...


....and meanwhile the boss sits in his cosy den stuffing cash into a sack !!
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