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Exhibition of historic railway posters.

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12 Oct 2009
Went along to an exhibition in Portishead, North Somerset today to view a collection of around 70 historic railway posters from the days of the 'Big Four', British Railways and its regions. Irony of having to travel by car to a railway poster exhibition wasn't lost on me. Here's hoping that Portishead gets it passenger service reinstated in the not too distant future. It's desperately needed.

Should anyone be in the North Somerset area tomorrow, Saturday 24th March 2012, there is one final chance to view these posters. Details here.

For those that can't make it, I took a few snaps today (with permission) which can be viewed via the link below. Apologies for the quality. Bright sunshine and glass frames aren't conducive to getting the best pics.

Not open for further replies.