failures on the run

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3 Dec 2006
Chertsey, a pathetic town in the south
:crybaby: I am rather well endowed for failing on the run.:(

First example, I'm supervising a guy on the 7 1/4" black 5 I drive, 5000, on our railways gala day and we were going along quite merrily, except the driver was opening and closing the regulator repeatedly, so the old steam joints were groaning a bit. We get to the next station for a blow up, as is usual with novice drivers lol. We are about to set off again, guy opens the regulator and WHEESH!!! (in characteristically Thomas the tank fashion) All the opening and shutting off had blown a gasket just as the engine started off again. So off we go with me driving back to the main station with steam pouring out the left hand side hissing violently, and me with a "bugger now I gotta fix it" expression on my face.

next example, going along this year with a crankpin known to be loose. Why we thought it would be ok I don't know. Going along occassionally tapping it back in with the coal hammer. Eventually the usual noise goes from clank clank to bang bang! Failed again.

my 5" metrovick was chronic for losing wheels. They would always part company with the axles so they needed bunging in the lathe to fix again.

once again the metrovick once had the motor gear come off the spindle when the 10 year old loctite gave up at full power on a gradient, the bang it made was enough to make me worried! A split pin sussed that.

I remember before I "took command" of 5000 going along behind her driver on a ride when the return crank dropped off. Whoops.

can you see a trend setting in?


I haven't had any failures on the run this season!
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