Family Railcard Christmas Promotion

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7 Aug 2005
Saw this in the latest issue of Newsrail Express: -
In the run up to Christmas there will be a Family Railcard promotion offering customers £5 off the Family
Railcard,when they hand in a promotional voucher.
The offer is available from 21st November until 31st December 2005 and is being promoted through door drops
sent to people through the post, along with a special application form. This offer is targeted at families living
close to stations on popular routes into big cities – London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and
We will also be promoting this offer on the Family Railcard and National Rail websites as well as in our
December renewal mailing to Family Railcard customers. In all cases the customer will be provided with a
£5 off voucher which they must hand in at the station when purchasing their Family Railcard.
Issuing a £15.00 Family Railcard
Due to difficulties encountered for previous discount Railcard promotions, the £15.00 Family Railcard is only
available from booking offices and travel centres. It will not be obtainable through Travel Agents or Telesales.
To receive the £5 discount on a standard 12-month Family Railcard,the customer must hand over their £5 off
voucher and a completed Family Railcard application form. Please ensure that they complete every
section of the form. The voucher must then be attached to the application form, as this will be audited
against the number of discounted Family Railcards issued by your office.
The Railcard should then be completed in the normal way, ensuring that the customer signs the back of the
Railcard and that the receipt portion of the Railcard application form is fully completed and handed back to the customer.

I also have the instructions how to issue, if you would like them, get in touch.[/quote]
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