Fantastic day in London 16/08

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25 Jun 2005
Rail replacement bus cab
Firstly, I left Yard around 11:30, and headed to Euston for the 12:34 SL fast to Harrow. At 13:05, 87006 came through south light engine, then 6 minutes later, 47853 opened up with the ECS for Crewe. I took the 13:17 SN service, and noticed three 58s in Wembley, and three 37s in North Pole. No 0G02 today. So I headed for Waterloo, then took a bus to Ludgate Circus, then another back to Paddington.
That took a stupid amount of time. I took the 15:28 Turbo to Acton Mainline. Was very quiet. At 4 ish, a Voyager came through, followed by a Class 101, which clagged like the GCR example! Content, I took a bus to Willesden Junction, then a 313 to Euston. From there, I took the 17:04 350 to Harrow again. 47832 plus Intercity coaches and 47145 were at Sudbury Junction. I explored the town for a bit, then returned to the station. A while later,56301 came through, followed by 66095+37405. I took the Tube to Willesden, then the delayed 19:08 service to Kenny O. Upon arrival, I ran across the bridge. When I got to the platform, I turned and saw the flasks. The sound of the 20+37 thrashing up was terrific, then full throttle with clag was amazing for DRS! Very happy with that, I went to East Croydon, then took a train to Forest Hill. On the way to Croydon, I saw a Yeoman 59. On the way to Forest Hill, I saw 31105+31106 about to leave Selhurst depot on the 4Z07 SERCO, and a pair of FCC 319s. Great day for the variety and thrash!
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