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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by yorkie, 22 Feb 2008.

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  1. yorkie

    yorkie Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    6 Jun 2005
    The TOCs are colluding (Sorry, I mean liasing for our benefit *cough*) to produce similar restrictions to each other, although it is not yet certain to what extent differences will remain or which TOCs policies will 'trump' other TOCs policies, although some aspects are slowly becoming clear...

    * CDRs are likely to be restricted to all TOCs to be banned between approximately 1530 and 1815. SWT and FCC already do something similar (FCC colluded - unlawfully - with GNER to make theirs end at 1900 to coincide with GNER's restrictions, it remains unclear if this is to be relaxed to 1815 or if different TOCs will have different time rules)

    * Code 8A Savers are all going to be restricted, causing a fare rise by stealth. XC are changing theirs to be valid after 0500, which will hardly affect anyone (it will only affect people going on very lightly loaded services at silly o'clock, those people will have to pay peak fares for travelling at such lightly loaded times - yes, it is bonkers, but that's what ATOC are!)

    * Other savers may be further restricted in order to "simplify". Simplification is about making us pay more. Anomalies will be removed by removing the cheaper fares, by making those who paid less, pay more. I would not be surprised if EMT-priced Savers follow XC's lead and become valid after 0930 instead of 0901 as at present.

    * Saver Half fares will be abolished, causing a massive rise in cost for people who could specify an outward time (advance purchase) but want to be flexible on their return. A great idea by Virgin, which worked well, is being discarded for no reason other than to force passengers to pay more money.

    * FC season tickets may cost more. XC are using a multiplier of 1.7 rather than 1.5. I assume this won't affect many people on this forum though.

    * Savers bought with railcards are NO LONGER VALID ON ANY TRAIN! XC denied they were abolishing this when they took over the franchise as they did not want bad publicity, however they are doing it now.

    Remember, CUSTOMERS HAVE NOT BEEN TOLD any of this, we only know because we gained access to Newsrail Express (see other topic in this forum) which is an 'internal' document. The unfair rises on XC take effect next month!
  2. evil_hippo

    evil_hippo Member

    9 Jun 2005
    At present, other than on routes into London, passengers need not make any real decision when turning up for a train to take a day trip - They pay according to whether they start their journey in the morning peak, or later in the day.

    Introduce an afternoon peak restriction on cheap day returns, and you subject passengers making day trips to the complication in the fares system that at the moment passengers making such simple journeys are mercifully free of.

    "A return to [the nearest big town or city] please. Coming back today."
    "What time are you coming back?"
    "I don't know. It could be 3:00, or later, if the weather's nice, or if my friends are free and I can meet them."
    "Sorry, not knowing isn't allowed".

    For long distance journeys, the only way to travel affordably is to be able to see in the future, and not be able to change your plans. If other TOCs apply XCT's restrictions, then being able to see into the future will be necessary for short distances too.

    Harrogate and District makes a virtue in its leaflets for the route 36 from Leeds to Harrogate and Ripon of the flexibility afforded by a 20 minute frequency, with suggestions like "relax, look at another shop, have another cup of coffee, there'll always be another one in 20 minutes". They obviously think that customers value the ability to be relaxed and flexible about when they travel.

    Having a day return ticket which has specific terms about when you are allowed to travel will make the railways less attractive as a mode of transport, and make life more difficult for those who have no choice, for the simple reason that it will add confusion and stress to people's days, giving a leg up to the car as the flexible mode with which you can do what you want.
  3. 45002

    45002 Member

    7 Dec 2007
    Getting on all the right people's nerves !
    Just want to clear one point about railcards

    Hasn't there always been restrictions on Young Person,Family Railcard,HM Forces Railcard not been able to buy saver tickets before 09:30 on Cross Country ?

    When Virgin started to run WCML and Cross Country,they abolished all restrictions on Saver tickets bought DPRC( Disabled Person's Railcard) and SCRC (Senior Railcard) only.

    Virgin found when they abolished restrictions for those 2 railcards it lead to a increase fares revenue (more money) so XC would loose out on revenue if they placed restrictions back

    There are still No restrictions Virgin WCML on saver tickets bought DPRC and SCRC

    All the other railcards are still working nearly on the same restrictions that where around in BR/intercity days as far as i can remember.

  4. 1D53

    1D53 Established Member

    2 Apr 2006
    I'm sure there were no Saver restrictions on ANY railcards.

    NSEFAN Established Member

    17 Jun 2007
    Will that apply to every TOC? I hope not. :(

    I'd rather not use advance purchase tickets. To be told that I can't get more 'open' fares (like the current saver tickers) cheaper seems to make having a railcard pointless.

    Again, I hope that evening peak restrictions become nationwide. I don't like traveling during the peak times anyway, and do my best not to, but it does seem very unfair on everyone else to place these kinds of restrictions.
  6. Mojo

    Mojo Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    7 Aug 2005
    Will all lines have to have three types of walk-up tickets or can routes which currently only have Standard Day/Open just switch to Anytime? The same for the lines which don't have Super Off Peak tickets.
  7. furryfeet

    furryfeet Member

    17 Apr 2008
    why are they allowed to put up the the prices by so much for a season ticket. Changing the multiplier from 1.5 to 1.7 is a 13% increase !

    does the DoT not regulate such increases ?

    by the way, i WAS thinking of getting a 1st class season from birmingham to leeds for the test match this summer, but this fare hike has seriously put me off from so doing.

    High time that the DoT introduced and enforced a rule for all franchises, that "no 1st class fare shall be more than 50% above its corresponding 2nd class fare", thus bringing the uk into line with france.
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