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Farewell February!!

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
Last photos from February
Highlights of February
-A Silverlink Cl313 diverted to platform 17 of Clapham Junction
-Cl90019 "Penny Black" working Special Intercity Services for ONE
-Travelling on a Recently Refurbished 317/6
-Seeing WCRC Cl47854 clagging at Willesden Junction
-Seeing a Eurostar at Kensington Olympia
-Going on a Cl456 for the First time on 08:56 Epsom
-Going back to Reading
-Seeing Cl66708 at Reading
-Travelling on an Adelante for the first time (better than a Voyager!)
-Going to Moorgate on Thameslink on a SUNDAY!!
-Seeing Cl57006 on 4L90 at Stratford
-Seeing the Blue Pullman at Victoria
-A GM convoy at Kensington Olympia (ta Nick Ling for numbers)
-Cl60032 put on 6V66 Purley-Acton which normally would be a 59
-Seeing the GatEX move at Olympia
-Watching HST behaviour at King's Cross and St.Pancras
-A Shed passing Stratford
-Going on Stansted Express between Tottenham Hale-LST for the 3rd time
-Seeing the two private JCB charters involving 3 47s on one, and a 67019 on the other
-Going on Heathrow Express all the way to Terminal 4
-Bashing on a C-stock to Olympia
-Seeing Ex BTB C69 5532 at Paddington rostered on a Circle line service
-Travelling home on a refurbished D-stock from Westminster
Farewell February!! :)
Yesterday I met Galvanise at Paddington
We took the Hex to Heathrow Terminal 4
We took the lift to Departures, I was feeling thirsty so i bought myself a drink
then we returned to the lift (The lift had a funny announcer-Stand clear of the doors, no smoking please)
We saw a Hex 332 arrive into the platform
A staff said on the PA "Please stand back from the white line, while security checks are taking place"
We were allowed back on the train 5minutes before departure
The onboard TV displayed "Please listen to Driver Announcement" for the whole journey :|
We got off at Paddington and we saw Ex BTB C69 5532 on a Circle line Service,
We took a District line train to Olympia (Edgware Road-Olympia)
It was a good chance now to bash the Olympia line on a C-stock
We got off at Olympia
We waited a bit for the Silverlink 313 to arrive, and took it to Clapham Junction,
At Clapham junction we went to platform 7, to see a cl444029 arriving at Clapham Junction(** Look at photo at bottom)
Then over to platform 12 where i've made two great videos of Vaders passing Clapham
then over to platform 7 in order to take the most boring journey on an 8 car 450 to Waterloo
and we said farewell
I then went home
Photo of the day (yes i know it's a killer whale stopping at Clapham)
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