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FCC medical

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New Member
29 May 2012
Hi all im new to these forums and thought it might be wise to see if there is anyone here who has attended a FCC medical assessment in london recently.

Ive been invite to one on the 7th June and dont seem to be able to get or find any information from FCC (even spoken to the person who deals with the medical paperwork) abotu what happens at the medical or what they test.

The only thing i have been told is because the role of station assistant now falls within the CSA over arching role that the medical could be either a safety critical medical or a non safety critical medical. im thinking the first would be make more sense for despatching trains.

So i would be thankful for anyone who has any information on what to expect.

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6 Jan 2012
I had one recently for a trainee driver post with FCC. As you're going for a safety critical post the medical could be fairly similar to a point.

They checked my eyesight, hearing, drug/alcohol screening, blood pressure, measure height/weight (to work out BMI). I also had an ECG and a brief discussion with a doctor about my health in general.
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