FCC only not stopping at Highbury

Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by wyvfe1, 25 Oct 2011.

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  1. wyvfe1

    wyvfe1 Member

    20 Apr 2010
    Highbury & Islington has had power problems since yesterday which somehow only effect FCC train plaforms, since the ajacent platform is the Victoria line how come only FCC platforms have problems (which are far appart).

    London Overground and Victoria not effected.

    You could clearly see the lights going off and on yesteday, and the next train displays off.
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  3. heenan73

    heenan73 Member

    5 Oct 2011
    Canterbury, UK
    The Moorgate line / Victoria Line / LO all have separate power sources (and signalling), even tho' Victoria and FCC are side by side at platform level. So there's no reason why a problem on one should affect the others.
  4. HST Power

    HST Power Established Member

    25 Nov 2010
    Not been a good day for FCC.

    I just came back from a spot of photography at Letchworth. Had a chat with a 313 driver who was complaining that the whole situation had turned into a 'disaster'. Trains delayed in both directions, one service was running 64 minutes behind schedule.

    Everything seemed to be going five times slower than normal. I kept seeing 365 Networkers cruising through the station, they were going very slowly and kept stopping at the bridge. Can't have been doing anything more than 30mph.
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