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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Razorlid, 27 Aug 2015.

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  1. Razorlid

    Razorlid New Member

    27 Aug 2015
    I was wondering if anyone has experience of claiming compensation resulting from the Bath electrification works on a split ticket.

    I have a split ticket monthly season covering my journey from Chippenahm to London Paddington:
    - Chippenham > Didcot Parkway (any route)
    - Didcot Parkway > London zones 1-6

    When I enquires about compensation the ticket officer told me that the compensation doesn't apply to split tickets. He couldn't explain why but just said they were the rules. This doesn't sound right although I wondered if anyone had experience - I had never claimed compensation before and just assumed the monthly 5% discount covered all applicable compensations?

    Any help appreciated.
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  3. OwlMan

    OwlMan Established Member

    25 Jun 2008
    Bedworth, Warwickshire
    I understood that it only applied to season tickets to, from and through Bath
  4. Quakkerillo

    Quakkerillo Member

    23 Jan 2015
    Normally Bath sees 2tph to London, taking 1h27. Currently, it´s 1tph, taking 2h.
    Normally Chippenham sees 2tph to London, taking 1h14. Currently, it´s 1tph, taking 1h15, except morning rush hour, 17:25, and after 18.25, when you have to change at Swindon, adding 11 minutes to the journey time.
    I don't know about the regulations with split tickets / Chippenham tickets, but if chippenham was to get the same compensation as people from Bath, it would seem a bit unfair to me, as they have (much) longer journey times, and buses for all journeys east (except Swindon / London).
  5. LexyBoy

    LexyBoy Established Member Fares Advisor

    23 Jan 2009
    North of the rivers
    Is FGW obliged to provide compensation in this situation, or is it a goodwill thing?

    Either way, I suspect that as Owlman says it would apply only to the tickets affected, rather than journeys.
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