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14 Jan 2010
Just a quick observation and question.
I am currently booking train tickets to visit my girlfriend and as part of that have booked a Cardiff Plusbus ticket to use on the outward part of my journey.
As I have a 16-25 railcard, the price should be £1.85. But the FGW site is letting me add it for £1.50.
Am I likely to get any issues with this, or is it a case of as they are selling it to me at that price, then it has to be valid?

Also curious to see if the FGW site is doing this for any other plusbus journeys too.


I am now booking tickets for another leg of the journey from CrossCountry (so I can use their seat selector) and they are offering me plusbus for £1.50 too. From a quick google it seems as if there was a promotion last year where all plusbus tickets could be got for £1.50 during June and July. Are they doing that again this year then?
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