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Discussion in 'Railway Jobs & Careers' started by rob12, 4 Jun 2015.

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  1. rob12

    rob12 Member

    21 Aug 2012
    Does anybody know or heard of trainee drivers failing there final exams, my understanding is you get two goes and then you are shown the door
    i have never personally heard of anybody failing there final exam, but thought it would be interesting to hear other peoples horror stories, :idea:
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  3. A-driver

    A-driver Established Member

    9 May 2011

    Yes people do fail it but most who fail fail well before the final. Generally those that fail are coached specifically on what they failed in so it's very unlikely they will fail again. The 2 attempts and out is a bit of a myth, the TOC have spent a lot training you, they don't want you to fail.
  4. ralphchadkirk

    ralphchadkirk Established Member

    20 Oct 2008
    If people fail at the final exams then it suggests a problem with teaching and assessing the students further back in the course. Struggling students should be identified early and managed.
  5. TDK

    TDK Established Member

    19 Apr 2008
    In a way that is correct but I have seen trainees finished as they just cannot do the job, knowledge retention being by far the most common problem.
  6. Layaboutlarry

    Layaboutlarry Member

    30 Jan 2013
    People do fail final exams as the have at my company but as someone posted earlier they won't let the finances they have invested you go to waste. Issues often lie within the methods of training and also you're willingness to come forth if you are not understanding certain subjects.
    I personally think they come out with this 2 strikes rule just to get you to knuckled down and take it very seriously.

    Good luck anyways.
  7. ComUtoR

    ComUtoR Established Member

    13 Dec 2013
    I've never seen anyone take their final exam a 3rd time.

    It is a long process and people fail at each level. It isn't specifically down to training because the number of people that do succeed. The whole process is designed to sift out those who cannot make it as a Driver. There are many facets to being a Driver and each stage takes its toll.

    Rules certainly suit the more academic. There is a fair amount of study to do and some rules can be overly complex as well as always having that "however" aspect.

    Traction is more hands on and whilst there is still an element of study it is more a practical knowledge and technical/mechanical understanding of things.

    Driving is a whole different ball game. It has hit people pretty hard and having to be 100% at 0400 in the morning can be detrimental for some. Then you flip to a 0200 finish !

    Driving is strange at the best of times and it is very different to what you expect. The many bells and whistles can be overwhelming at first and trying to pull the knowledge out right when you need it at speed can be daunting.

    It can also be unpleasant at times. Passengers aren't well known for being the best of people and some times you do see the worst of people and that does affect you.

    Driving is a very visual thing. You need to be constantly looking and absorbing visual information. Again, this can be overwhelming.

    Driving can be high pressure and the final exam is quite heavy. You have your hand held all the way through and you have lots of support. Suddenly removing that hand holding and suddenly being the only person responsible is the penultimate hurdle. It does get to people.

    Finally... There are still those that "slip through" and are capable at all levels but for some reason just don't make it as a Driver. Whether its incidents or general employment issues. There are still some who don't last. It is not just failure either. Some quit.
  8. 387star

    387star Established Member

    16 Nov 2009

    Very insightful post
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