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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Peter Lanky, 18 May 2015.

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    4 Jan 2010
    For a bit of background, I prefer to travel by train for leisure rather than driving, and we also have a 'two together' railcard. Last year we made the journey from Wigan NW to Inverness, travelling first class, and will be repeating the trip in a few weeks. The total cost for both of us was £108.20 for the return journey.

    What I am now trying to find out is how to identify similar good value journeys, in order to take future holidays by train. Is there a method to finding the best prices, or is it completely random? What I am finding is that many trips are working out at twice the price for travelling half the distance by second class, and travelling anywhere east-west seems a non starter both on pricing and excessively long journey times, but surely Inverness can't be the only good value destination.

    I know people have designed 'apps' to find good fares using split ticketing, but our journey was straightforward, with the only difficulty being the need to purchase the instant that advance tickets became available. Is there a formula to finding the best destinations for advance fares, or do I need to continue with trial and error?
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