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Discussion in 'International Transport' started by Harryba, 11 Jul 2018 at 16:44.

  1. Harryba

    Harryba New Member

    We are travelling (Saturday July 28) with FIP Coupons for free travel ATOC and Stena Line from Milton Keynes - Holyhead - Dublin. We will take the 14:00 Ferry from Holyhead
    We would like to make a reservation. But we can‘t call the Call Center of Stena Line, because the phone number is blocked in Switzerland. They can‘t help us by eMail.
    Do you think it will be necessary to make a reservation? Are the Ferrys sometimes booked out?
    For the Train (Virgin) we have the same Problem. No chance to make a reservation without buying a ticket (over the internet). We will travel 1. class. Are they booked out on Saturday morning?
    Greetings from Switzerland
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  3. JonathanP

    JonathanP Member

    1 Aug 2008
    Berlin, Germany
    It sounds strange to me that a call center would be blocked from being called. Presumably they are blocking you themselves and it'sd not some for of Swiss government censorship?!

    It does look, to be fair, that for the UK they have only special premium rate numbers, However, for Germany they list "0049 431 / 9099 (from outside Germany)". Maybe try calling that instead, if you speak German?

    It's not possible for the train to be 'booked out', only a slim chance that you won't get a seat. However, I think think that 1st Class on a weekend will be pretty empty since it's mainly aimed at business travellers.
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  4. 158820

    158820 Member

    1 Nov 2017
    If you try to tweet stenalineukie they are often good to reply or try to phone their irish number. 0035319075388 (includes all codes).
  5. gazthomas

    gazthomas Established Member

    5 Jun 2011
    St. Albans
    I picked Italy on their website and I has a non premium, normal UK number based in Clacton:

    +44 1255 202 345

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