First group takeover of Western Greyhound

Discussion in 'Other Public Transport' started by 387star, 12 Apr 2015.

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  1. 387star

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    16 Nov 2009
    I understand from my parents First Bus have taken over Western Greyhound :cry: This is in regard buses around Truro Cornwall

    More so the service sounds appalling with filthy buses fit for a scrapyard with often rude bus drivers compounded by a confusing timetable

    Apparently a trainee bus driver slightly scraped a wall (a very loud screeching) and the trainer laughed it off as 'helping the builder do his masonry work?!' Then later they banged their boots against the side panelling for some unbeknown reason

    When my dad asked a driver to stop at a timetabled stop the driver refused and then finally conceded with a 'Oh Ok I'll go that way then!'... My dad pointed out the service was unreliable and the driver got quite cross and said 'that's your words not mine!'

    Hardly great for tourism

    I also hear a group of schoolkids were left abandoned due to a dodgy timetable and shortage of crew

    Sounds like a nightmare?!
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    PS In till a few years ago First ran some incredibly old double deckers on the polperro/looe to plymouth route is that still the case?
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    16 Apr 2012
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