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    Long-standing members may remember the forum rules consultation which we carried out in 2012. As part of this, our forum rules were completely re-written in order to reduce the number of rules and provide greater clarity for members.

    The forum staff team have met and proposed a few minor amendments which we believe does not materially change the meaning of the rules but which makes things clearer and also updates them to take into account technological changes.

    In line with this, we would like to invite members to complete a brief survey on the proposed rules. The survey is quite easy to fill out, with each individual rule being given its own question with options for members to select, and a few general questions at the bottom. The survey will remain open until 17.00 on Friday 28th December 2018. After this time, we will randomly select a member who has completed the survey, left their Username, and ticked the box to confirm they wish to enter the prize draw, to receive a £20 gift voucher.

    Link to survey:

    Individuals are only eligible to receive a prize if they were a member of the forum and had made at least 5 posts as of the date and time of this message being posted (4th December 2018 at 17.15 GMT). Individuals may only enter the draw once; if multiple attempts are made to complete the survey, even through multiple Usernames, then all that individual's entries will be disqualified.
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