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Four Lane Ends to National Rail Network

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9 Feb 2008
Good Morning

I am travelling from Four Lane Ends to London. Which ticket should I purchasse from as Capita seem to want me to book from Newcastle Central Metro (and we all know that this option is going to end in tears).

Four Lane Ends is Zone 2, it is not on the route to the airport.

East Coast has four options

Newcastle Airport
Newcastle Metro CityCentre
Newcastle Tyne and Wear Metro

Surely it would be easier to simplify this to Newcastle Airport, Newcastle Z1, Newcastle Z1-2 and Newcastle Z1-3 as per the Tube Network.
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12 May 2009
I frequently use "Newcastle Tyne and Wear Metro" (H665) on the East Coast website to travel from a Z2 station on the Airport line to various places on the National Rail Network and believe this is valid from any Metro station so would be my choice for Four Lane Ends too.

I think it's only EC priced flows that have fares to/from this destination so it works to Edinburgh, York, London etc. both on walk-up and EC advance tickets, but not on Cross Country advances to Edinburgh for example. I've been using this for some time and never had any problems.

"Newcastle Tyne and Wear Metro" and "Newcastle Airport" both add £1.50 onto the fare to/from Newcastle for singles I believe, whilst "Newcastle Metro Citycentre" adds 50p.

If changing to zones I'd personally suggest destinations of Newcastle Metro Z1, Newcastle Metro Z2 and Newcastle Metro Z3 as they're not Travelcards though a new price would have to be created - logically £1.00 add-on for Z2. Don't technically need Newcastle Airport as it's covered by Z3, but could see some merit in retaining it.

Not sure what "Newcastle(Metro)" is for at the moment.
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7 Nov 2009
IIRC you should need Newcastle Tyne and Wear Metro. Newcastle City Centre is only a few stations around Monument, and doesn't correspond to the Metro zones. Newcastle(Metro)I think is obsolete.
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