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Free Stock Friday News

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9 Jun 2005
Quote from the Making Tracks forum:

Right as promised heres the announcement of 2005 from MTWW:-

FSF will take the form of an Advent calender throughout December because incase no ones told you its christmas soon
Each week you will have 6 teaser pictures revealed daily and on the 7 day there will be a wagon FSF.
as for 24 25 26 there also will be christmas FS and possibly a New Year weekend FS

We will endeavour to up load them at somepoint over the christmas break and possibly they may end up as one upload for the three days so we can eat lunch in peace
I would like to take this oppertunity to thank Alan and Mark for there help and great skills, and also to say a special thanks to Allan for putting up with me. Also a big thanks to all our our followers/downloaders who make the hobby all worth while.

I hope we can carry on in 2006 in the same ground breaking way we have done in 2005, and give you guys some more variety for msts and future stuff for TMTS.

Best Wishes
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Firday made Friday - thanks Paul - COXSTER ;)
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