FT article: UK rail revival spurs commuter projects

Discussion in 'UK Railway Discussion' started by muddythefish, 31 May 2015.

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  1. muddythefish

    muddythefish Established Member

    13 May 2014
    Not sure if this the right thread but there's a story on the FT website about rail revival schemes. None of it is new - just a rehash of reopening plans familiar to anyone who knows about railways but down near the end I found the following quote which is perhaps the real story.


    Now that sounds to me that rail schemes are going to be put back or possibly given the chop - presumably because the DfT is under pressure to cuts costs thanks to Gideon's latest austerity savings drive.
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  3. Hophead

    Hophead Member

    5 Apr 2013
    Or that Network Rail is unable to deliver within budget, the schemes which have been committed to.
  4. Class 170101

    Class 170101 Established Member

    1 Mar 2014
    I would sugest Hophead's view is more likely. Wasn't there some clause in the Railways Act 1993 that made re-opening the Control Periods part way through once agreed very difficult?
  5. WatcherZero

    WatcherZero Established Member

    25 Feb 2010
    Essentially yes, its committed infrastructure that Network Rail is being paid for. It can be delayed but its very hard to cancel.
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    Looks like they were happy with the BCR from the Skelmersdale Rail Feasibility Study, they are proceeding to Grip 3 with a service pattern of 2tph to Liverpool and 1tph to Manchester. They are targeting funding for construction to come from a future City Deal agreement with the Government.
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  6. QueensCurve

    QueensCurve Established Member

    22 Dec 2014
    That is quite likely, particularly since Network Rail was nationalised as their spending now counts against the public sector borrowing requirement.

    It was the External Finance Limit that put the kibosh on investment by British Rail. It could well now do the same again.
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