FTPE unit allocations and space

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4 Feb 2013
I've chosen FTPE as its the trains I probably know best (with Northern - but I believe FTPE will be significantly easier for this!)

Looking at Wikipedia, there's the following units:

6 X 156s Manchester Airport to Blackpool North **
4 X 170/3s Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes
51 X 185s All TP Routes
10 X 350/4s Manchester Airport to Edinburgh/Glasgow

** - are these used for FTPE services or Northern services?

Now I am wondering if I was to source every TPE service across the network I wonder how much spare capacity there would be. Obviously some stations it's obvious which train would be the outgoing train (ie at Scarborough, etc) - but others perhaps not as much so.

No particular reason for doing so other than pure personal interest!

I dare say this could be tested on other TOCs but I probably know TPE, especially the 185s, best - so this is what I'm basing it on.

I'll sit down and work it out when I'm home tomorrow but thought I'd put it out there in case anyone has any points of interest or note on this.
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