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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by hibbsy, 24 Mar 2008.

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  1. hibbsy

    hibbsy New Member

    24 Mar 2008
    Hi All,

    I'm trying to book a direct service on transpennine express between carlisle and manc airport on the 03/05/08 at around 13:00, returning on the 11/05/08 at around 16:00+.

    However, so far I have yet to establish any direct services to be working! (which i thought they would be).

    Is there impending engineering works scheduled or is it always like this on a weekend?


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  3. 1D53

    1D53 Established Member

    2 Apr 2006
    There is only about five or so a day so you might be not getting them on the results. Have you tried searching for direct trains only?
  4. me123

    me123 Established Member

    9 Jul 2007
    Hi Hibbsy, welcome to the forums :)

    It is odd, as there's no planned engineering work to Glasgow, which is usually the problem. I know that servies to Scotland (in particular, Glasgow) aren't great ATM due to a small shortage of Pennine Class 185s, but I was sure that some services were running. :?

    From TPE's timetable, the Sunday service (your return journey) is affected by engineering work between Preston and Carlisle, with VT running buses connecting both stations. TPE also appear to be running a couple of buses from Preston connecting from other TPE services.

    I can't seem to find the SB timetable :? :oops: but I'd imagine that a similar situation exists, sadly. It might have to be connections for you.

    AS JST said, there aren't many, and at weekend with all the WCML engineering work, services have been dramatically compromised. There should be (IIRC) about 10 each way, with 5 to EDB, 3 to GLC and 2 other terminating (that should in theory have gone on to Glasgow), but I think most services are early or late anyway, which for your mid-day travelling may cause problems.
  5. djw1981

    djw1981 Established Member

    10 Jul 2007
    The SB timetable is missing from the TPE online timetable pdf booklet, but they do appear on the national rail website search engine. IIRC, an alternative is a VWC Voyager/Pendo from Carlisle -Preston, then change there - due to teh routings, Preston has the TPE services from Glasgow/Edinburgh, Blackpool, Barrow & oxenholme all running to manchester, and thus you are likely to havea greater choice of timings.

    I was on a TPE 185 from Glasgow - Carlisle the other week. I disliked it.
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