Funny driver speaking on Jubilee line - at Stratford

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1 Feb 2009
I didn't catch all of what this guy said as I had to get my phone out, and in the rush the first video was recorded portrait (sorry!) but he was going on about red signals, silly excuses for delays and more.

He then started talking about Easter... Which is about where I started recording.
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2 Apr 2013
I liked it when the driver spoke about VIP carriages. Thank you for sharing.


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17 Feb 2010
West London
from an internal magazine, it maybe this guy (name removed):

Driving up customer satisfaction.
When he isn’t spinning records in a disused warehouse in Essex but his broadcasting ability is pulling in a crowd, and has propelled him to the dizzy heights of the Twitter charts.
@jubileeline to the train driver on the 07:11 from P14 at Stratford this morning - great work on the PA on the train! Nice start to the day.
@TfL loving the @jubileeline driver who got into London Bridge at 9.15, brightened up my morning give him a pay rise
It’s his easy and informative style that has seen him rise to stardom. He often leaves his booth to rapturous applause; customers jostle each other to tell the larger than life driver how funny he is. "Man you crack me up.... you're hilarious" and "You're the funniest driver ever... Can't wait to ride your train again!" and "Simply hilarious... put it there".
He calls himself ‘a professional train driver’ which means he’s proactive and always tries to walk in our customers’ shoes. "People pay a lot of money to use our services and those who venture into zone one pay the most, and often they don't even get the privilege of sitting down. So providing them with informative, timely information is the very least I can do”.
"Ladies and Gentlemen just so you’re all aware it's six minutes until the next all stopping Uxbridge Met Line tube... so you might as well stay with me in the warm, until Wembley Park."
It’s his humour that our customers love. “Ladies and Gentlemen we are going to be held here awhile! So if you want to nip upstairs and get yourself a burger; just leave your coat in your seat and we’ll see you in a bit. … My apologies to those who have just gone upstairs, I’ve just been informed that we’ve been cleared to go!”
The role of a T/Op has changed over the years, once they were seen as 'motor men' but now it's a completely different job. Today, it's less about technical abilities and more about customer service and appreciating what a delay or a closed lift means to a customer.
“It really is just about giving good old fashioned customer service” he laughs as he grabs hold of the handset “Can you give me a moment, my customers need me”.
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