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Future of testing in UK?

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23 Aug 2013
I notice the hints from government suggest they will recommend testing in place of a covid vaccine. The question is will this still be valid after July once they vaccine everybody. I think the talk has always been a covid passport could mean three things you had vaccine, you had COVID and have immunity or you have a negative result? Personally I’m not a fan of using lateral flow tests swabs. I know there is finger prick tests too. I noticed salvia testing now available in Superdrug but the test kits are £100+ and need lab tested. Is there no word on cheaper instant results tests via saliva as if they bring these in the work place I wouldn’t fancy a swab. I know a bus driver who needs to take two lateral flow tests per week right now.

As for foreign travel places like Greece May insist on vaccination but I imagine some counties will allow a negative covid result. I notice France stopped testing truckers if they have only been in UK for less than two days. Could this apply to domestic travel to France too if you go for 2 days Max?
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