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Gatwick to Surrey Monday am travelling

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16 Jun 2012
WE are landing about 8am. I don't have a railcard but my companion does. We live near Virginia water but can get a lift from Camberley or blackwater back home.

What options are there with routing to either Virginia water or Sunningdale

Or blackwater or Camberley.

What would be the cheapest route (s)

Many thanks
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13 Oct 2011
The fare to Blackwater is cheaper - £14.70 Off Peak Single - compared with Virgina Water - £18.00 Anytime Single.

Unfortunately your planned arrival time concides with the weekday service gap for direct services to Blackwater - there are direct trains at 07:58 and 10:03 - so you'd have to take the 09:16 northbound Thameslink service and change at Redhill.

There are plenty of options to Virginia Water travelling via Clapham Junction, however you would have to cart your luggage from one end of the station to the other. This may or may not be an important factor for you and your companion.

It's also possible to travel to Camberley with a same platform change at Guildford, but it's a slow option. The Anytime Single to Camberley via this route is £15.90.


27 Nov 2012
The easiest of them would normally be Blackwater, which has direct tains from Gatwick once an hour normally at xx03. The only exception to that though is the 0910 which doesn't stop between Guildford and Reading. You could though catch this train, get off at Guildford and catch the next train which leaves about 20 minutes later, probably from the same platform, this would get you to Blackwater at 1035. If you were to catch this train you would need an off peak single (Via Gomshall) at £14.70 or £9.70 with a railcard. If you miss it there is a direct Gatwick to Blackwater train at 1003.

Otherwise you could go to Virginia Water via Clapham Junction every 15 minutes. Just catch any train to Clapham and change there into a Windsor or Reading train, and this would take about 1 hour 15 minutes. This would probably be the best idea if you get to Gatwick station at 0915 or something. The single on this would normally be £18 or £12 with a railcard, but whilst researching this I found out you could get an Anytime single to Blackwater (Route Clapham Junction) for £16.50 or £10.90 with railcard, which is valid via Virginia Water where you could stop.

They are your simple options.

Edit: Drats FenMan go there first. All I can add is the slightly cheaper ticket to Virginia then.
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