'Ghost Train' uncovered by housing developers...

Discussion in 'Railway History & Nostalgia' started by alexl92, 30 May 2015.

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  1. alexl92

    alexl92 Established Member

    12 Oct 2014
    Not sure of the entire accuracy but from KentOnline...
    Anyone know anything about the stuff they've found? Presumably the boilers won't be useable, but could some of the carriages be restored?
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  3. Redonian

    Redonian Member

    31 May 2014
    The story is the usual useless under researched local newspaper waffle. The picture with it of a similar locomotive to that allegedly used there shows a 9F!!
    This was obviously a very short industrial railway (probably narrow gauge) that ran from a pit to a brickworks. The chances of there being carriages are nil. I suspect the person who wrote the piece knows not the difference betweeen carriages and wagons.
    In fact the report makes no mention of a locomotive being found. Just some boilers , which may have no railway connection at all.
    And was this tiny railway electrified in the 1950's? I suspect someone has become confused with The Kent Coast Electrification.
  4. 341o2

    341o2 Member

    17 Oct 2011
    what does this mean?

    The site in the middle of the village has been unoccupied since the closure and was bought by a number of construction companies who kept it in use.

    probably 2 ft I/C locomotives and skips. track not worth reclaiming. Unless this garden has recently been developed, I kow a garden in Buckler's Hard near Beaulieu New forest which once had a railway, presumably to carry materials around what might be called an estate, probably no rolling stock has survived, but some lengths of track visible if you know where to look (and have access since it is private land)
  5. yorksrob

    yorksrob Veteran Member

    6 Aug 2009
    To be fair to the press, they have to spice it up a bit for public consumption. "Ghost Train" sounds a lot more interesting than "some squashed wagons".
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