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Glasgow Queen Street (and other) works videos

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4 Feb 2012
Some here may remember some videos of the construction of the rail bridge at Bargeddie which I was encouraged by kind members here to produce last year.

Since I haven't noticed anyone else doing videos of the works at Glasgow Queen Street (apart from BBC & STV :lol:), I took at trip there this morning to see if there was anything happening.

I posted a link to a short 'teaser' video on the Glasgow Queen St tunnel to close for 5 months thread which I am shamelessly repeating here in case it may be of interest, not that it is particularly good.

EDIT 17/4/16
Full version now available at https://vimeo.com/163172881
It would have been online hours ago but for my rubbish 'broadband' connection. BT openreach I'm lookin' at you <(

4' 28" of your life you won't get back :lol:

UPDATE 21/4/16
For those not following the Glasgow Queen St tunnel to close for 5 months thread but wanting to see what's happening:

I have posted a short video (1'38") update on the progress in the last 5 days at Queen Street.

UPDATE 25/4/16
Another short video (1'44") posted last night.

UPDATE 2/4/16
More updates: also a single link for the series.
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