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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by blakey1152, 28 Apr 2015.

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  1. blakey1152

    blakey1152 Member

    5 Sep 2011
    I have bought a Glasgow roundabout ticket for tomorrow from Glasgow Central station and I didn't pay too much attention at the time but I notice the ticket is printed on normal orange stock and the ticket says off peak day s as the ticket type. And single written in bold in th bottom right and it's got SGL in the top right corner.

    The ticket says from Glasgow Cen / Qst to Roundabout route any permitted.

    I am just a tad concerned that I may lose the ticket when going through a barrier as it says Single on it!

    Or is this a normal print for the roundabout ticket?
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  3. bb21

    bb21 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    4 Feb 2010
    That is the way it is printed. If you are concerned that the ticket would be retained by gates, use manual gates. It shouldn't, as I have never had it happen to mine.
  4. causton

    causton Established Member

    4 Aug 2010
    Somewhere between WY372 and MV7
    Should be fine, in the same way a London Underground ticket barrier will give you back a single as it knows you will need it for another part of your journey (in simple terms, some exceptions etc), the Roundabout *should* do the same :)
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