Glasgow to Worcester via London (Split ticketing)

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by VT 390, 10 Feb 2019.

  1. VT 390

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    7 Dec 2018
    In April I am going to be travelling from Glasgow to Euston on a weekday on the 14:40 which arrives at 19:09 and then either:
    option 1) Get the 19:43 from Euston to New Street changing on to 22:00 to Worcester
    option 2) Get the tube to Paddington and get the 20:22 direct to Worcester, (I have not decided which option I will use yet).
    I know there is direct trains from Glasgow to Birmingham which would be faster but I want to do the full WCML route which is why I am going in to London.
    My question is with a 1st class advanced ticket from Glasgow to Euston and an advanced single form London to Worcester have I allowed enough time at Euston (34 minutes) or to get the tube to Paddington (73 minutes) for my separate advanced tickets to be accepted on later trains if the 14:40 was delayed or cancelled getting in to Euston?
    (also I think I am right in thinking that if I have left enough connection time even with separate advanced tickets they would be accepted on later trains of any one of them has a problem)
    Thanks for any replies in advance
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  3. bb21

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    4 Feb 2010
    The 2022 is definitely fine.

    The 1943 is also fine, but in the event of the Glasgow train being delayed, you will be expected to make reasonable efforts to get to your destination with the least amount of delay (assuming you want the whole trip to Worcester considered one journey), which may involve changing at Warrington for the direct train to Birmingham behind, rather than going all the way into and back out of Euston. Of course if you end up delayed between Warrington and Euston and they do not put in additional calls en route, you should be allowed to get the next train should you miss the 1943.

    To be honest, if going the full distance on the WCML is your main priority, and prices are comparable, go for the 2022 is my recommendation.
  4. yorkie

    yorkie Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    6 Jun 2005
    Yes this is fine but if major delays occur you may be directed to a more direct service in order to complete your journey from Glasgow to Worcester.

    If travelling via London is crucial to your plans, you may prefer to spend more time in London, and to consider it to be two journeys.

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