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Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by railnerd, 25 May 2015.

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  1. railnerd

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    16 Mar 2015
    Near where the above once stood

    In October last year, the GN/GE Joint line received most of it's £280m completion.
    So... I thought it would be 'fun' for people to share their stories about whats happened on the line so far!

    Heres my pennies worth...

    As far as I know, last week (May 2015), the first example of a member of the public 'disrupting' the apple cart happened when a vehicle hit a barrier at St. James Deeping LC. The barrier fell off and disrupted services for a short while.

    However, there have been far more incidences of NR related matters, including...
    Barrier failure at Mill Green LC (several times), Park Road LC, Winsover Road LC, Littleworth LC, Water Drove LC...
    Axle counter failure at Spalding (several times)
    The faulty barrier incident at Mill Green has also resulted in people hopping over the barriers and taking their bikes with them!

    Anyone else anything to add? :D
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