GNER evening cutbacks

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6 Jun 2005
From this December the 23:30 Kings Cross - Leeds will cease to run and the 22:00 Kings Cross - Newcastle will become the 22:30 and diverted to and terminate at Leeds. The 04:35 Newcastle - Kings Cross will start from York at 06:00.

These changes are supposed to have been imposed by SRA/DfT and Network Rail as to allow more time for overnight possessions.
If the new 22:30 is booked to go via Welwyn, not Hertford, then it would be the same times as the current 22:00 at Peterborough, Grantham, Newark, and Doncaster. It's not yet clear if there will be a connection* from Leeds to York. If not, my last train back will be 21:00!

* By that I mean a proper connection, I can't be doing with post-midnight hour long waits at Leeds!
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8 Jun 2005
I must admit I know the feeling, MML have pretty much done the same, the 23:40 London St. Pancras - Derby via Nottingham now departs at 23:15, although I dont see why it would bother anybody as I expect it'll still get the same custom.

Same times on Saturday though, 22:10 London St. Pancras - Derby via Nottingham, although due to MML being buggers, they dont stop that one at Loughborough (never has) although it does now continue in passenger service to Derby, used to Terminate at Leicester, even calls at Long Eaton, which means the 21:35 is my last train home, HST though so I dont mind too much.

It's happening to all TOC's I think, trains starting later and ending earlier, course this new so called 'Better' MML timetable is atrocious, they really should re-introduce the old style timetable, but make the Meridians that little bit faster.
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