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Go Ahead South renumbering

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22 Aug 2011
Evercreech Junction
Hello, all. I've noticed recently that Wilts & Dorset seem to be having a renumbering session, presumably in the interests of compatibility with other Go Ahead South fleets. The B7RLE/Wright Eclipses have changed from 101 upwrds to 2201 upwards, (the new 12 registered ones continuing that series), and the Citaros have changed from carrying on from the first batch of B7RLEs to 24xx. This is, I must say, helpful, as it avoids confusion with Yellow Buses. But they haven't stopped there; the Spectras have been changed from 31xx to 16xx, and some at least of the Olympians have had a '4' added in front (e.g. 731 becomes 4731). I wonder what'll happen next? I can't wait to find out! <:D
Not open for further replies.