Gold Card Replacement Issues at St Pancras

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27 Jan 2011
I have an annual all zones travelcard season ticket from St Albans. Last week one of the ticket barriers managed to trash the magnetic strip, so I needed to get a replacement. At the moment I don't seem to be getting home until after the ticket office at St Albans is closed and the queues in the morning mean I don't have time to get it replaced at my home ticket office.
Yesterday evening I had a spare half hour so I thought I would get the ticket replaced at the FCC ticket office at St Pancras. I was told that I could only do this at my home station, I insisted that they ought to be able to do it but the person I was talking maintained their position that I had to do this at St Albans, even going as far as entering my Travelcard Number into the machine and showing me that no details came up (although I didn't notice what if anything they selected!).
This morning I travelled to Farringdon, where the ticket office staff replaced my ticket with no issues at all! So is the equipment at St Pancras different from that used elsewhere at FCC stations or was the St Pancras ticket office spinning me a line or do they need some extra training?
I'm tempted to mention this to FCC, is this a good idea?

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25 Jun 2008
I've had this issue at St Pancras and Kings Cross before (StP also have problems issuing excess fares for evening peak travel, which is rather irritating).

Their website is quite clear - you can get the ticket replaced at any FCC station. There used to be a form you could download that gave the ticket office staff precise instructions of how to replace them (including for online purchases) but this seems to have been replaced by an online form only.

Worth a comment, I'd say. You could also consider asking the ever helpful @FirstCC on twitter.
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