Great Central Diesel Gala

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9 Jun 2005
I have started this thread for the GCR diesel gala that runs from 15th-17th September. Yorkie locked the last one saying the gala had been and gone when it is still almost a month away...!
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8 Jun 2005


September Diesel Gala at the Great Central Railway - the only Double Track Main Line in preservation.
Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September 2006

It's time again for the Great Central Railway's diesel gala, this time in the traditional September three day weekend. Over the three day event, our trains will complete over 1000 miles of running, over only 8 miles of track! With ten locomotives in traffic, and two multiple units to boot. After a stunning entry to traffic at the May Diesel Gala, Class 25 D5185 will make another star appearance at to complete the lineup.

A lot of rare haulage should be had this weekend, with two Class 20 locomotives, two Class 25 locomotives, and a Class 33/1 locomotive working in Push/Pull with the 4-CIG electric unit. An intensive timetable of pure passenger trains will be in operation during the weekend, so you will be able to ride behind the locomotives on a frequent basis.

Completing the lineup of locomotives are Class 31 D5830, Class 10 D4067, Class 45 D123 and Class 47 D1705. As well as the Class 101 Power-Twin diesel multiple unit.


British Railways Type 1 D8098
Built: 1961
Livery: British Railways Green
TOPS: Class 20 (20098)

British Railways Type 2 D5830
Built: 1962
Livery: British Railways Golden Ochre
TOPS: Class 31 (31297, then 31463, then 31563)

British Railways Type 4 D123 Leicestershire & Derbyshire Yeomanry
Built: 1961
Livery: British Railways Green with Small Yellow Warning Panel
TOPS: Class 45 (45125)

British Railways Type 4 D1705 Sparrowhawk
Built: 1965
Livery: British Railways Green with Half Yellow Warning Panel
TOPS: Class 47 (47117)

Metropolitan Cammell 2 car set E50321 and E51427
Built: 1958 (E50321) and 1959 (E51427)
Livery: British Railways Brunswick Green with full lining and speed whiskers
TOPS: Class 101 (977900 was E53321 was E50321 - 977899 was E51427 - Both were 960933 in departmental (Sandite) use)

***Rare Passenger Turns***

British Railways Shunter D4067
Built: 1961
Livery: British Railways Black
TOPS: Class 10 (Never recieved)

British Railways Type 1 D8048
Built: 1959
Livery: British Railways Green with Small Yellow Warning Panels
TOPS: Class 20 (20048)

British Railways Type 2 D5185
Built: 1963
Livery: British Railways Green
TOPS: Class 25

British Railways Type 2 D7615
Built: 1966
Livery: British Rail Corporate Blue
TOPS: Class 25 (25265)

British Railways Type 3 D6955
Built: 1965
Livery: British Rail Civil Engineering (Dutch)
TOPS: Class 37 (37255)

British Railways Type 3 D6535
Built: 1961
Livery: British Rail Corporate Blue with Full Yellow Ends
TOPS: Class 33 (33116)

British Railways 4-CIG EMU No.1393
Built: 1972
Livery: South West Trains Version 1
TOPS: Class 421 (421393)
Note: 1393 will be in use with D6535 in push/pull mode throughout the day


D6535 and 1393 will be paired together during the day and will be operating in push/pull mode, take a look in the cab of D6535 when she's pushing and you'll see no crew.

There will be two evening BEEREX trains departing Loughborough Central at 7pm and 8.45pm in addition to the evening Dining Train departing at 7.30pm.

A Silver Service Style breakfast will also be served on the first train of the day, passengers must board at Loughborough Central to take advantage of this, as limited places are available, and it is first come first served, so why not skip cooking breakfast yourself, and relaxed in the First Class Restaurant Car coaches whilst the young female stewards serve you a deliciously cooked breakfast.

A similar Silver Service Afternoon Tea is available on an afternoon departure from Loughborough Central, generally between 3pm and 4pm, this is once again serviced in the First Class Restaurant Car coaches, and is ideal for those of you who are feeling peckish, yet don't want to have a late lunch or early supper.

As always, an intensive service will operate with trains passing on the double track up to every 10 minutes at points during the day. This is something which has to be seen to be experienced, with the best location being Quorn & Woodhouse Station, with good views either side of the station to be had looking towards Loughborough to the north and Kinchley Lane Curve to the south.


The double track at Quorn & Woodhouse Station, with 63601 in the station and 5199 approaching with a train from Leicester

A full Griddle Car service will be served onboard trains marked 'RB' in the timetable, and subject to confirmation, on trains marked 'RKB' or 'RB2' in the timetable, trains marked 'RMB' will have a limited buffet service available. All other trains will have no buffet service available. However there is a Refreshment Room at Loughborough serving a wide variety of meals, as well as a NAFFI Tea Room at Quorn & Woodhouse, Edwardian Tea Room at Rothley, and a Buffet at Leicester North.


Not yet available

For the complete working timetable and souvenir booklet you may purchase one in advance from the companys website, or on the day when you purchase your ticket.


Adult: £17.50
Child/Senior Citizen: £11.50
Family 1: £25
Family 2: £35
Privilege Rate Adult/Senior Citizen: £10
Privilege Rate Child: £6.50
2 Day Runabout Ticket: £30
3 Day Runabout Ticket: £40

Local fares between stations are also available.

Family 1 is for one Adult and three Children
Family 2 is for two Adults and three Children

Heritage Railway Association Passes are not valid at this event, however if you are a member of Main Line Steam Trust or Friends of the Great Central Railway, or if you hold a BR Priv Card, you will get the Privilege rate. Also if you are a member of an organisation which gives GCR Working Members reciprocal travel you will also be entitled to the privilege rate.


Photographs of 25265 and D4067 were taken by 'The Gricer' and used with permission.


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9 Jun 2005
Oh well, seems he deleted his post and unlocked the other one.
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