Greenhead Park Miniature Railway

Discussion in 'Railtours & Preservation' started by Old Yard Dog, 13 Oct 2019.

  1. Old Yard Dog

    Old Yard Dog Member

    21 Aug 2011
    Does anybody know when or indeed if this little railway in Huddersfield actually runs?

    Its website says Saturdays 1.00-4.00 pm subject to weather and staffing.

    I have been a couple of times on glorious Saturdays over the last couple of years only to find the railway closed with literally hundreds of people out in the park enjoying the sun.
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  3. Llanigraham

    Llanigraham On Moderation

    23 Mar 2013
    I suspect like a lot of Model Engineering Society run railways they depend on an ageing volunteer base, and find it difficult to get enough people out, especially if the weather isn't good.
    Since they have a web site perhaps you should be contacting them direct and asking them, or even offering to help.

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