Guangzhou Metro “Crossrail” Polaris/Cloud Line diagram

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    High-speed Metro Line
    Polaris Line: Line 18
    Why named ‘Polaris’?
    It’s the north-south ‘crossrail’ of the city, and it’s extension programmes are always under discussion. Also, it is a commuter-friendly railway, unlike Chinese National rail services which only serve for the deplorable uncivilised proles and existing/potential criminals, but not the true working class sleeping in suburbs.

    (The only commuter-friendly national rail in China is Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, a NYSE-listed company operating the Kowloon-Canton Railway Chinese Section and providing Unionpay touch-and-go services)

    The only section currently under construction:
    Guangzhou East Station—Wanqinsha (Mankinsha, displayed as ‘Nansha’ on this diagram)

    Rolling stock: CRRC Zhuzhou D-Stock (25KV overhead wire powering, 3.2meters wide, 201 meters in length)
    Top operating speed: 160km/h

    Via (official name and traditional name on old maps)
    Guangzhou East/Canton East
    Xiancun/ Tsin Tsuen
    West Pazhou District/Hough Port
    Shiliu Gang/Pomegranate Hill
    Shaxi/Haddington East
    Nancun Wanbo/Nan Chuen Man Pok
    Panyu Square
    Hengli/Hall Island

    Future extensions
    Northbound—to Qingyuan city (under preliminary discussion held by local authority without enough fundings)
    Southbound—to Mainland/Macau boundary (Hengqin island, “Patera” in old maps, “Ilha da Montanha” in Portuguese)

    Cloud line (22)
    The section currently under construction
    Bai’etan/(White) Swan (Harbour)
    Xilang/ Westfields
    Dongsha Industrial Park/Warren Port
    Xisan/Rogers Port
    Chentougang/Chun Tow Mew
    Guangzhou South Station(Hi-speed only, no proles’ rail)/Canton South International
    Panyu Square

    Possible extensions
    Southbound: to Shenzhen Bay Checkpoint or somewhere nearby, via Tung Chung (Dongchong town, not the Hong Kong one), Qingsheng railway station (Torrington Transboundary Station)—serves for CR/MTR Guangzhou-Shenzhen-HK hi-speed Line, Bocca Tigris (one of the sites of 1840 Sino-British war), SZX airport

    South-southbound: to East Lantau Metropolitan, Hong Kong

    Northbound: to CAN T3 via Cloud Railway Station (A future terminal situated like the Old Oak in London)
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