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    Folks, do you think there is enough material about GWR of old in mainstream publications and enough online content perhaps about the up to date First Group run GWR company that a separate GWR magazine is not needed, or do you think that there is a market for such a magazine? I am aware of the GWR Journal which stopped in 2017 but that only covered historical topics.

    Should it be a printed magazine or perhaps online only? Pros and cons with both of course.

    I feel that if a publication did come about, it should cover GWR in the steam era but also heritage railways that run on the old lines in modern times - and further afield where GWR locos operate on other lines. I think topics on modern rolling stock, stations, improvements to the network and community projects should be written about too; and why not have some material for modellers too.

    What are your thoughts on the above? Do let me know. Thanks

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