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GWR Medical Assessment Results

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15 Nov 2015
North West

I applied for the Operations Apprenticeship position in Oxford and just wanted to ask how long these usually take to come through? I had my medical assessment consisting of one urine test, that was it, on Friday 15th July. I was told by a member of GWR Medical staff that I would get the results the following week, of which I received nothing. I rang GWR up again on Wednesday 20th July to chase this up, as without my medical results they cannot offer me any employment, and spoke to a member of the team who told me the results were 'delayed' and I would have them by Monday 25th July. Since then I haven't heard anything at all, I have spoken to a friend who had his medical assessment for the same role on Monday 18th July and he had his results last week! This is becoming a joke, so I have phoned them up today just to hear that the person I need to talk to is away on leave. I am very angry about the treatment of a future employee here.

Not open for further replies.