Has anyone worked as an operations officer at TFL

Discussion in 'Railway Jobs & Careers' started by loudmouth, 11 Jan 2020.

  1. loudmouth

    loudmouth Member

    13 Nov 2018
    TFL are currently recruiting for Operations Officer Transport Support & Enforcement and I was keen to apply for it but reading the role description it says you will be working for the CPOS (The Compliance, Policing and On-street Services) Directorate and I'm somewhat concerned that this is a more police role than an tfl operations role.

    Does anyone know whether you will be required to wear a police uniform or conduct police work for this role? as that would slightly put me off applying

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  3. Sammy2019

    Sammy2019 Member

    22 Sep 2019
    No you will not be working for the police, it is a enforcement role for tfl. I imagine it will be checking tickets etc on busses from reading the job spec.

    Decent money and a good foot in the door but no doubt dealing with a lot of confrontation and abuse.
  4. Bear_with_me44

    Bear_with_me44 Member

    6 Nov 2019
    This is not a police job, it is basically a 'Revenue and Loss Prevention' role but with a Gucci name. "Tickets please, tickets please!"
  5. Stigy

    Stigy Established Member

    6 Nov 2009
    It looks like a good job with a half decent salary on the face of it. It’s sounds varied and I guess the successful applicant will specialise in a set area (buses/taxis etc.) as the advert suggests? There may be a requirement to become accredited under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme, which will require police level vetting (assuming it’s the same as the Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme).
  6. DavyCrocket

    DavyCrocket Member

    27 Oct 2006
    No this role is for Underground as well as Streets. It’s planned to be similar to a Police PCSO role and a bylaw enforcement and is to reduce workplace violence to other staff. How this works in reality will have to be seen.
  7. JaMa9

    JaMa9 Member

    27 Jun 2019
    My dad is operations officer for TFL, he does taxi checks but also public transport ticketing checks and some random bits like checking licenses for scaffolding things etc...the money is very good for the hours.
  8. Mojo

    Mojo Forum Staff Staff Member Administrator

    7 Aug 2005
    This is not a revenue role, and people undertaking this role will not be undertaking the activity you mention. On London buses, TfL employ Revenue Protection Inspectors to check customers’ tickets, LU employ Revenue Control Inspectors, shortly to be joined by a smaller team of Revenue Control Officers to check tickets on London Underground. Post holders are entitled to, and do, check tickets, but that is not the main part of their role.

    TfL already employs a number of people in the role of Operations Officer, presently these undertake activities such as inspecting taxis and private hire vehicles (and their drivers), red route patrols (checking for any defects in streets infrastructure, reporting illegitimate blockages of the road/footway, checking roadworks are compliant etc.), as well as undertaking byelaw enforcement on LU, bus stations and London Buses (so as part of this, Officers are entitled to check tickets, but this is not primarily a revenue role).

    The primary reason for the advertisement is that LU has recently expanded the team’s remit to cover London Underground to support existing staff and enforce behaviour issues.

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