Have some Koln Berlin Trains been retimed

Discussion in 'International Transport' started by STEVIEBOY1, 1 May 2015.

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    STEVIEBOY1 Established Member

    31 Jul 2010
    Good Morning,

    All being well in about 3 weeks I hope to be travelling to Berlin from London.

    Does anyone know if DB have recently retimed the trains from Koln HBF to Berlin OSTBhf?

    For ages the trains were leaving Koln at 48 mins past each hour, arriving around 35 mins past the hour at OstBhf. However when my tickets came through, it now leaves at 18 mins past the hour from Koln although the arrival in Berlin seems to be the same time. Therefore the journey appears to be taking a bit longer. I wondered if they have been rerouted or diverted etc. Oddly the return train at 36 past from OstBhf, seems unchanged.

    I should be on the ICE 955 outbound and ICE 650 returning.

    This all of course depends on the possible strike action by DB.

    Hopefully Eurostar and the ICE 16 & 17 from Bru to Koln will be ok, but it's the Koln/Berlin & return that I am most concerned about.

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  3. eastwestdivide

    eastwestdivide Established Member

    17 Aug 2009
    Looks like it - comparing a random Cologne-Berlin service (ICE 557) on 25/6 and 21/5, the extra time in May is mostly between Hagen and Hamm, whatever that means for routing (I'm not familiar with the geography over there).
    The train with the longer timings shows the information "Days of operation: not every day, 11. until 22. May 2015 Mo - Sa; not 13. May".
  4. Groningen

    Groningen Established Member

    14 Jan 2015
    ICE 557 22 May 2015
    Köln Hbf 10:23
    Wuppertal Hbf 10:49 - 10:51
    Hagen Hbf 11:10 - 11:13
    Hamm(Westf) 11:56 - 12:11
    Bielefeld Hbf 12:36 - 12:38
    Hannover Hbf 13:28 - 13:31
    Berlin-Spandau 14:53
    Berlin Hbf (tief) 15:09

    Journeytime 4:46.

    The train is almost 15 minutes slower between Hagen and Hamm; there must be a detour. Journey is more than 20 minutes slower than normally.
  5. U-Bahnfreund

    U-Bahnfreund Member

    6 Feb 2015
    Hagen, Germany
    The route between Schwerte and Holzwickede is closed for track renovation and there's only one track for both directions between Hagen and Schwerte from May, 4 to May, 29:

    I guess the ICEs are being rerouted via Witten, Dortmund and Kamen to Hamm, there are no other electrified routes between Hagen and Hamm.

    STEVIEBOY1 Established Member

    31 Jul 2010
    Thank you for the replies here, that all makes sense now.

    Just hope the strikes won't be on when I am there.
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