Highland Mainline: Which bits used to be double track?

Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by Highland37, 9 Aug 2015.

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  1. Highland37

    Highland37 Established Member

    29 Jun 2012
    Having come home tonight I noted that it appears the track was once double to a point further south of Inverness. But where to? It stops just north of the Culloden Viaduct but looks like it used to go as far as Moy?

    Which other bits of the line used to be double but are now single?
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  3. 47271

    47271 Established Member

    28 Apr 2015
    Very little was built as double I think - Perth to Stanley Jn as part of the earlier old Caledonian Main Line and Blair Atholl to Dalwhinnie, just as they are now. I've got a feeling it only went as far south from Inverness as Daviot rather than Moy pre current setup, but others may have more detailed historical knowledge.

    I know the route very well and can't remember seeing any evidence of double removed anywhere between Stanley and Blair Atholl or Dalwhinnie and beyond Slochd.

    Crossing loops are another matter and we need a good few more of these put back to perk up both frequency and reliability. I haven't heard much about this for a while, does anyone have more on it?
  4. najaB

    najaB Veteran Member

    28 Aug 2011
    I believe there are sections that were built with the intention of later doubling - Moy and Findhorn viaducts are both double-track width.
  5. spongsdad

    spongsdad Member

    17 Sep 2013
    I think you are spot on. The line was originally all single track; the section between Blair Atholl and Dalwhinnie was doubled in the 1890s, partly to prevent the delay to services by goods trains which had a considerably lower linespeed in those days and also to facilitate the return of pilot engines and banking engines to Blair Atholl after assisting trains up to Dalnaspidal.
    The other double section was/is Inverness to Daviot.
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