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Hitchin - Sutton (Surrey) Off-Peak Return

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6 Mar 2012
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Sorry to be greedy and ask again so soon, but there is a fare that is really bugging the hell out of me; Hitchin to Sutton, weekday off-peak, returning a different day, this time with a 16-25 railcard - can this be done for less than the £20.25 SVR? It feels like a very expensive fare for a relatively short journey...

I am aware of the obvious Oyster split at Hadley Wood, but for a potential saving of only £2.55 (2x6.60 SDS + 2x2.25 Oyster route Thameslink only) this would generate the need to travel on 4 different trains just to get to King's Cross (assuming it would not be possible to touch in at Hadley Wood quickly enough to get back on the same train)!

Does anyone have any ideas, or am I naive to be hopeful on this one?
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